PodLight  Rechargeable LED Worklight, Flashlight, Safety Strobe is rugged and hands free... Drop ME, the bulbs won't blow!
PODLight Hands Free Cordless Rechargeable LED Worklight, Flashlight, Emergency Safety Strobe
YOU need a PODLight!

The POD Light provides night time security...
The PODLight will operate for weeks in the flashing strobe mode with a 12 volt car battery as a power supply.

PODLight operates for weeks in emergency flasher mode
Don't let your loved ones drive in winter weather without a PODLight in the vehicle.

Keep a PODLight plugged in to your cars cigarette lighter, it will always be ready when you need it and








Everyone can use a POD Light

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Free 12v and 110v chargers included!

Introducing the PODLight. The hard-to-break, hands free, cordless, rechargeable LED worklight
that's also a powerful flashlight
and a flashing safety strobe.

You can rely on the PODLight.
Use it in any weather. Sleet. Rain. Snow. Freezing temperatures. Blazing heat. Keep it plugged in and it's always ready when you need it.
This thing is RUGGED!
Drop the PODLight and the bulbs WON'T blow! Heavy-duty rubber housing and unique LED light pods make it tough as nails.
Talk about CONVENIENT.
You can hang the PODLight by its rotating hanger, or simply stick it where you need light. The PODLight's strong magnetic holder on a 360 collar gives you hands free convenience.
Recharge the batteries instead of replacing them!
Replacing batteries is expensive, you'll save money by recharging your PODLight and using it over and over.

Hands Free PodLight Fits Into Tight Spaces
It's hands free!
The PODLight's magnet holds it securely,
putting light exactly where you need it.

No extension cords or electrical outlets needed!
No extension cords or power outlets needed.
You get 8 hours of worklight or 12 hours of flashlight
thanks to innovative PODLight technology.

A PODLight is a must for the well equipped workshop
The PODLight is a must for your workshop.
Leave one plugged into the handy charger base,
and it will always be ready when you need it.

The PODLight sheds light on to reach places.
The PODLight sheds light on hard to reach places.


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